RKY Camp programs offer a variety of skills-based and experiential learning opportunities. Our overnight campers are provided with a daily mix of personal choice activities, core programming areas, and camp wide games. All Youth and Senior Campers will be given the opportunity to choose two core activities to emphasize over their time at RKY. Although all campers will experience all that RKY has to offer at various other points during the session, allowing campers to choose their own challenge helps give them a sense of ownership and pride of their accomplishments.

All of our activities are planned to:

  • Ensure personal and spiritual enrichment by providing a healthy, safe, and enjoyable camping experience

  • Develop appreciation for individual and group differences through community living

  • Provide the opportunity for increased self-esteem and fitness by improving skills and resourcefulness in the out-of-doors

  • Promote conservation ethics by instilling an awareness and appreciation of the natural world

  • Encourage independent thinking, self-reliance, and creative expression

  • Encourage evaluation of experiences and clarification of values

  • Provide campers with a place and space to grow


RKY Camp’s incredible waterfront sets the stage for a great program. This area will focus on fun, safety and learning new skills. All campers are required to do a swim test with our qualified lifeguards on the first day of camp. Personal flotation devices are available.


Our boating program consists of canoeing and kayaking. Our program is designed to incorporate safety, skills and on the water lessons. While on the water all campers are required to wear PFDs and are supervised by our lifeguard staff.



Leadership, team-building and challenge by choice are the pillars of the RKY leadership program. While learning about harnessing, rope and climbing safety participants will be able to climb our revamped 30 ft climbing wall, Vertical Playpen, Dangle-a-Maze and other low ropes elements. Our lead instructor is certified to a Level 1 ropes certification.


This program area helps to develop outdoor living skills in our campers.  Whether they are shooting arrows, cooking a snack over a fire they have made themselves, learning how to set up a campsite or learning new knots, there is always something fun and exciting in this area of camp!


Adventure and personal challenge have been pillars of RKY programming for 85 years. Through a partnership with The Duke of Edinburgh Award, RKY campers can use our out tripping program and various other components of their leadership development towards achieving all levels (Bronze, Silver, and Gold) of their award. RKY Camp is also offering Bronze and Silver Practice and Qualifying Journeys during the Spring and Fall. Please contact for more information.


Benefitting from our beautiful site on Eagle Lake, the RKY nature program focuses on immersing campers in the natural world. Campers engage in an exciting program that uses the RKY hiking trails and wetlands.


This program is designed to help foster all campers’ creative sides. We offer various crafts, games, and opportunities for campers to learn many new skills. Some activities include tie-dye, candle making, beading, and various theatre games.


RKY Camp has designed the music program to provide an introduction to music theory, percussion, intro to acoustic guitar, and various other topics. Participants will learn the basics in a hands-on group environment. Campers will be given the opportunity to showcase their skills in various camp performances. RKY Camp provides all necessary musical instruments.


Our Senior and Leadership campers are given the opportunity to partake in the RKY Blue Rag program. The program is designed to help campers and staff challenge themselves and foster personal growth and development. This program begins with selecting a personal goal that you wish to accomplish during your stay at camp and working with another Blue Ragger to achieve these goals. Personal challenges can vary from jumping off the RKY tower to making a new friend at camp!