Building For Our Future - Just the Way You Remember IT!

For more than 90 years, RKY Camp has been delivering a traditional camp experience to children, youth and families of Eastern Ontario.

Located on majestic Eagle Lake in Parham, Ontario, on the edge of the Frontenac Arch Biosphere, RKY Camp is a place of forest heartland, wildlife diversity and discovery for generations of campers.​

Today, a critical and significant capital investment is needed to
revitalize RKY Camp so that we can continue to meet the needs of youth and families today, and for years to come.

The Challenge

RKY Back To Camp is a $1 million capital CAMPaign that celebrates the value of the traditional camp experience and seeks to ensure that the traditional way of camp carries on into the future.

The RKY Back To Camp CAMPaign will revitalize our original Homestead programming facility, build a new dining hall, kitchen and admin areas, and re-imagine spaces in ways that will grow and enhance our camper experiences.

There is no stronger reason to do the work that is needed today than to ensure that RKY Camp will continue as a traditional camp for children and families to experience tomorrow.

As traditional camps work to manage rising operational costs, a vastly increased regulatory environment brings new demands for time and money. Add to this the constant need for facility renewal and the challenges for traditional camps can be insurmountable.

A camp may be forced to shutter its buildings and close its gate. This is a reality in the traditional camp sector in Canada, which is smaller today than it was a decade or even five years ago.


As a strong and successful camp our goal is to safeguard RKY Camp into the future and help preserve the traditional camp experience for future Canadians.

" You can be part of a great new chapter in RKY Camp’s story. For over 80 years our camp has provided a meaningful experience to many generations of children, youth and families. Campers spend much of their formative years on the shores of Eagle Lake, meeting lifelong friends and experiencing personal growth." D'Arcy Munn - Camp Director 2019

Please join us in contributing to the work needed to preserve our camp and culture into the future. You can help us to revitalize RKY Camp and Build For Our Future - Just The Way You Remember It!