Thank you for your interest in supporting RKY Camp through a third party fundraising event or activity.


A third party fundraising event takes place when any individual, group, organization, business or school wants to raise funds on behalf of RKY Camp for the revitalization project or camperships.


From parties, pubs and back yard BBQs to bake sales and concerts, fundraising for RKY Camp can be easy and fun!


Think small or big - every dollar donated counts!

And we want to make it as easy as possible for you to create a fundraiser! We have logos, posters, invitations, email templates, donation and pledge forms and ideas - lots of ideas! We can also help you with tax receipts.

Here are a few great idea that have worked for others!

  • Recreate the Homestead dining hall in your own home and cook a signature RKY Camp banquet dinner for ten friends.

  • Host a garage sale with a lemonade stand or sell delicious Bug-Bite cookies.

  • Team up your workplace, business or service with RKY and sell something special that reminds people of RKY and donate the proceeds.

  • Host a backyard bbq, campfire and talent show.

  • Organize a golf tournament, a gala or a coffee house.

If you would like to fundraise for RKY, contact us now and we will help you get the ball rolling. Or just let us know what you would like to do, and we will help you promote it!

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Share Ideas

Brainstorm with friends and family about great fundraising ideas that excite you. Will people be interested?


Form a Team

It takes a lot of energy to plan an event no mat􏰁er how big or small, so form an event team of hardworking and dedicated volunteers.

Know your Audience

Make sure the event or activity you have chosen will appeal to the audience you have in mind.

Set a Budget

Set a realistic financial goal. Complete a budget which includes projected revenue, expenses. This will help your team plan your fundraising event.

Set a Date

Schedule your event on a date 􏰀that people will be available. Remember, holidays can prevent people from a􏰁ttending your event.

Plan your Event

Planning an event is a very detail‐oriented job. Make sure you and your team have a checklist to identify all planning needs for your event.

Promote Your Event

Promo􏰀lion is the key to success. Please remember that the use of RKY's name or logo on any of your materials, including print, adver􏰀sing and all social media platf􏰂orms, must be approved.

Collect the Funds

Please collect and submit all funds raised to RKY Camp within 30 days of your event.


Say Thank You

You cannot say thank you enough to your volunteers, sponsors, guests and other supporters. Saying thank you opens the doors of opportunity for your next fundraiser.

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