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April 30th Announcement 

Since March of 2020, RKY and its community have experienced many ups and downs as we all navigate the pandemic landscape. After much planning,  deliberations and soul searching we have come to the decision that we will not be able to offer our traditional One Week and Two Week summer camp programs (including LIT) for youth this year.

We were very hopeful that we would be able to offer these wonderful programs for your campers this summer. Without the approval to operate or official public health guidelines in place, the runway to prepare and confidently operate a traditional camp as we have in the past has run out.  

With the current knowledge we do have of expected guidelines, we are hopeful that operating small one month long leadership development experiences on site is still a responsible and enjoyable possibility.

In the event that this is not feasible for us to facilitate, we are prepared to shift our operations entirely to the RKY Camp Family Cabin Rental Program.

If, as of May 22nd, RKY Camp has not received the necessary, attainable guidelines and approvals to operate a youth-based program we will be launching registration for a family focused experience (for up to 7 families at a time).

There is a link to more information relating to our family programs through the link at the bottom of this page.


**priority registration will be given to families registered for 2021 RKY programs**

We will be waiting until after the 22nd of May to facilitate the next steps relating to the fees we have collected from our families to date.  If you would like a refund right away, you can email to request this option.


On Monday we will post the announcement on our social media platforms, giving you the opportunity to break this news to your campers in your own way over the weekend.


If one thing is certain, 2022 will bring a better world and one that includes a place for kids to be kids and a much needed escape to a camp that will be waiting for them.  


As always I am available to connect if you would like to talk with me about this decision.


Always in camping, 


D'Arcy Munn,


Pronouns: He/Him

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