RKY Camp is available for:

  • School Group Bookings (All ages)

  • Outdoor Education

  • Leadership Development
  • Environmental Education

  • Curriculum-based Learning
  • Custom Programs
  • Family Camps

  • Women’s Wellness Weekends
  • Retreats / Rentals

  • March Break Camp
  • PA Days

  • Weddings
  • Out trips and Guiding

  • Any custom programming

RKY Camp’s year-round Outdoor Centre is the perfect destination during the spring, fall and winter seasons. We offer many custom programs to clients of all ages based on program needs. RKY Camp strives to provide our participants with an opportunity to challenge themselves in a safe, inclusive, outdoor environment and help them to get in touch with themselves, nature, and each other. You can book a day trip with all RKY programming or a joint leadership group with RKY running only a portion of the programs.

Although we do our best to fit everyone in, please be aware that our busiest months of June and September do fill up quite quickly; please book early to avoid disappointment!


RKY Camp Facilities
During our Outdoor Centre seasons, our program areas allow us to have up to 120- 140 campers fully engaged and involved in a variety of programs at one time. For our overnight programs in the Spring and Fall seasons we have 15 cabins that sleep 8-16 people each (all available for overnight groups). In the winter months (January- March) we can sleep up to 90 people in heated accommodations. Our brand new dining hall, The Homestead, and our recently renovated Outdoor Centre provide ample indoor space to meet and stay warm when not enjoying the outdoor amenities.


Our site facilities include:

  • A large winterized dining hall with large meeting space and full service industrial kitchen

  • Recently renovated and winterized Outdoor Centre with full washrooms

  • 1 large rustic recreation hall (The Churchill Centre)

  • Over 15 large cabins (many of which are heated)

  • Indoor Flush Toilet and Shower Facilities with Hot Water

  • Composting Toilets

  • Climbing Wall, High Ropes and Low Ropes elements

  • A large waterfront for swimming, canoeing, and kayaking

  • Various breakout spaces

  • Wireless Internet and Cell Phone reception

Outdoor Centre Staff

The RKY Outdoor Centre program staff team is led by a full time Outdoor Centre Director with the support of our Camp Director. Our staff members are selected for not just their certifications, but also their enthusiasm, knowledge of camp activities, flexibility, and their commitment to the values, and vision of RKY Camp. All staff members participate in training prior to each season, which has a heavy focus on program facilitation, risk management, and, of course, fun!

Food Service
At RKY Camp, we strive to serve delicious and nutritious meals. Our food service team works hard to accommodate the dietary needs of our participants. RKY provided lunch is an available option. For overnight groups, the camp fees include three meals and 3-day, 2-night groups include six meals.

RKY Camp Activities

The following list is comprised of our more traditional and popular activities.


RKY Camp provides PFDs. It is mandatory that all participants wear a properly fitting PFD when boating. This policy applies to all visitors at RKY Camp, regardless of age and ability.

Lake Swimming

A camp classic! Definitely a highlight for many participants, swimming in a lake is a new and exciting experience. ALL PARTICIPANTS regardless of swimming ability must complete a RKY swim assessment prior to swimming without a lifejacket at RKY. Due to the amount of time required to complete the assessment, we recommend having swimming as a rotation slot. If groups would like to just offer an open swim instead of swimming as a rotation, we can have all participants wear PFDs instead of completing the swim assessment.
With or without PFDs; all swimming takes place under the supervision of RKY Lifeguards. There is a designated swimming area that is surrounded by dock. The dock system also includes a jumping tower.

Polar Bear Dip

Ah, yes, a time-honoured tradition at summer camp. Jumping in the lake before breakfast! The lake is calm, the mist is rising, and the cottagers are sleeping. It’s the perfect time to splash around in what feels like sub-zero temperature water. A real character builder and a great story to take home.


With over 30 canoes and 80 years of history, RKY Camp has well-established canoeing program, with both aluminum Grumman and ABS canoes. Students get a full lesson on proper names for the parts of the paddle and boat as well how to do different strokes before heading out on an adventure around the lake.


After a full lesson, participants in one of our many single cockpit kayaks paddle down to turtle bay to play games or do some turtle watching. Due to the nature of this sport, participants usually get wet, therefore participants are encouraged to wear a bathing suit or have a change of clothes.


RKY Camp is able to offer full service winter outdoor education and facility rentals for clients. All of our programming (except for our water based activities) is available during the winter time. In addition the programs listed below.

Cross Country Skiing

Eagle Lake is a great place to learn to cross country ski, or challenge yourself if you already know how! Our trails are great to explore & learn how to go up & down hills on skis! We love to educate a bit about the history of cross country skiing & why it is such a great winter activity!


Explore our site on one of North America’s oldest modes of transportation! Snowshoeing is a great way to be active and have fun while learning about the way our ancestors would travel around the backcountry. Snow shoeing can be a fun program just on it’s own, or paired with a Winter Ecology or Animal Tracking session.

Quinzee Construction &
Sleep Out

This is a winter program geared for older participants (grade 8 & above) as it involves a lot of dedication and time! Quinzee’s are essentially hollowed out mounds of snow constructed in a specific way to ensure safety and optimal warmth! At RKY the sleep out is optional and it is instructor judgement based on the construction of the quinzee and the participant’s preparedness whether we allow the group to sleep out. Note: This program can only be done if a group is at RKY for at least 2 nights.

Snow Soccer

The classic game of soccer is fun in the winter because falling down doesn’t result in skinned knees! We like to add another ball or two to keep everyone on their toes!

Winter Fire Building & Outdoor Cooking

Many people think winter = wet = it’s hard to start fires. Our staff can teach participants how fun and rewarding it is to build outdoor fires in the winter. There is nothing like roasting marshmallows on a fire you built in the snow!

Ice Skating

RKY Camp located on beautiful Eagle Lake, has the good fortune of being able to provide an excellent skating rink for participants. Please bring along your own ice skates and helmet. This activity is weather dependent as some years, the ice on the lake is not thick enough to safely use as a program area.

High Ropes Course &
Climbing Wall

Get your adrenaline pumping! Our high ropes is a series of challenges designed to build group and individual confidence. Participants are fully trained in all procedures so each can develop a sense of accountability for the support and safety of others. This component can include the use of our outdoor Climbing Wall and/or our other high ropes (Postman’s Walk, Vertical Playground and Dangle-A-Maze).

Low Ropes

The low ropes course is a series of wood, cable, and rope elements that challenge the group’s teamwork and communication. They require agility, coordination, and persistence to accomplish. During these activities RKY Camp Staff offer a supportive team environment, to help participants to work together and succeed. Participants are taught how to “spot” each other on the elements, and must wear helmets when on any element off the ground.


A camp staple! Not only is our archery program safe and fun, but archery is a great activity for young people to work on their coordination! Grades 3+ recommended.

Nature Walk

Old beaver ponds, muskrat lodges, the bog, and the boreal forest are just a few of the natural resources we can explore around our beautiful wilderness site. Our staff a have ton of fun games up their sleeves to make the walk informative, interactive, and fun!

Fire Building &Shelter Building

The staples of camp: fire building, knot tying and shelter building. Shelter Building is fun in every season! We’ll teach you to build it, and help you build it, and then build our own. Fire building can be accompanied by bannock roasting, marshmallow roasting or even a cook-out.


Even with GPSs becoming more and more common, we believe that knowing the basics of how to use a map and compass are still important skills. Our staff will ensure that learning how to use a compass is fun with an orienteering competition around camp!

Trust, Communication, and Cooperative Activities

Participants are required to work together and communicate in order to solve a problem around a scenario or a given task (i.e. tie a rope around a tree without anyone letting go of the rope!) Emphasis is on group success, rather then individual success. These activities are a perfect lead into Challenge Course activities because they foster trust, communication, and teamwork.


The traditional way to end a long day of camp activities is with a campfire. This program can be planned with lots of songs and interaction or simply a causal event where people can enjoy a snack around the fire.

Large Group Games

Our RKY staff members have a ton of fun games up their sleeves to get kids moving, interacting, being silly and having fun! Large group games are a great way to start or end your time at RKY Camp! Examples include “Giants, Wizards & Elves” (essentially Rock Paper Scissors with actions) & “Groups” a game where the Staff shout out things like “Get in groups of your favourite type of ice cream” where participants learn about similarities with their peers.