School Group Programs

Teachers and their students will flourish in a classroom as big as a child’s imagination. We have years of experience in tailoring our programs to your class curriculum to create an amazing outing at RKY. We will plan an educational outing that will make for cherished memories.

When contacting RKY to book a trip you will need to know:

  • An approximate number of students attending

  • The time range you are interested in (ex. First two weeks of June)

  • Any dates that will not work such a track and field dates

  • The length of trip you are looking for (day, extended day, two day, three day, etc.) RKY Camp can not guarantee site exclusivity for each group at camp.

RKY Camp staff always appreciate the support and hard work provided by group leaders, teachers and parent volunteers. Without their dedication, we could not provide the same level of programs. For school programs, an ideal ratio is one chaperone for every 10 participants (day group) or one chaperone for every cabin if chaperones are staying in cabins with students. This allows at least one adult for every rotation group, plus 1-2 extra chaperones floating around to help out where needed.

Please contact Andrew Walker if you would like to book or are looking for more information at

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