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RKY Camp is a charitable organization founded by the Rotary Club, 

Kiwanis Club, and the YMCA of Eastern Ontario.

RKY Camp is governed by a volunteer board of directors.

The YMCA of Eastern Ontario is both a founder and  managing partner with RKY Camp.

YMCA of Eastern Ontario


We are located on Eagle Lake, just 45 minutes North of Kingston.

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Each person who attends RKY Camp will grow to feel a sense of empowerment and community within a natural, safe, and wholesome environment.


We strive to provide value-based summer camping and outdoor education programs to participants from all backgrounds; encouraging them to challenge themselves, practice teamwork,

and grow in mind, body and spirit.

Vision Mission
Financial Assistance

RKY Camp is committed to providing summer camp and outdoor experiences to all youth regardless of financial circumstances. Click here to view our Dates & Rates.


In 2019, we assisted 66 individuals through various Financial Assistance programs; available for all overnight summer programs and many year-round outdoor centre programs.

In order to assist as many individuals as possible we require applicants to contribute to their RKY Camp program to the best of their ability. To begin, please fill out the Financial Assistance application.

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Financial Assistance
is available

Funding is not provided by any external government agencies and for these reasons our ability to assist individuals and families is limited.

If you would like to apply for financial assistance for our various year-round and summer programs, please fill in a Financial Assistance Application.

We do our best to assist as many families as possible. Everyone—regardless of previous financial assistance applications to RKY Camp—can apply.

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Board of Directors 


Governance & History

RKY Camp was founded by the Rotary Club, Kiwanis Club and YMCA of Kingston (now the YMCA of Eastern Ontario).  It is governed by a Volunteer Board of Directors committed to providing all those involved with RKY Camp with a memorable and valuable outdoor experience. 

Organized camping in Kingston is thought to have been started by the local YMCA in 1902. In that year, a group of 23 boys reportedly had a 6-day outing at Jones Falls. From this time until WWI, outings were held regularly by the YMCA each summer at various locations on the Rideau and St. Lawrence waterways...





RKY Camp meets or exceeds the stringent health, safety, & accessibility standards set by both the YMCA and Ontario Camping Association.

Health & Safety
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