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Summer Camp Registration

Public Registration for RKY Camp’s summer programs opens on


Tuesday, November 28, 2023 at 7:00 am

We can't wait for you to get here!

1 Weekers


RKY Camp provides a one-week overnight camp designed with first-time, young campers in mind. They will get to share fun and engaging programming, sampling a bit of everything RKY has to offer, while living with a group of cabinmates. 

Under the supervision of specifically selected camp counsellors, this experience is a gateway to the transformative world of summer camp, where campers build confidence, try new things, and form new friendships.

Ages 7 - 11

Youth Camp


RKY Camp's two-week youth program allow campers to experience all aspects of RKY, allowing them to dive deeper into the world of outdoor exploration, skill development, and personal growth. 

Youth campers engage in progressive skill-building in areas of interest while building connections with the friends in their cabin.

All youth campers have the opportunity to experience an overnight canoe trip on Eagle Lake.

Ages 8 - 12

Senior Camp


Our older campers get to experience all aspects of our youth programs, with some added benefits and challenges.

Our senior campers can look forward to a 3 or 4 day canoe trip in North Frontenac Park, where they paddle and portage from campsite to campsite, navigating through beautiful, undisturbed nature; led by experienced staff members.

Senior campers may also choose to take part in the Blue Rag program, which invites our oldest campers to work towards an individual goal focused on self growth.

Ages 13 - 14

Leadeshp Development Program


Formerly known as Leader-in-Training, Leadership Development 1 (or LD1) focuses on developing hard skills and learning how to be a facilitator. LD1s will have opportunities to learn practical hard skills in each program area and develop their own leadership skills through hands-on instruction. LD1s engage in classic RKY programs with additional opportunities for learning and development. 

LD1s get to put their new leadership skills to practice throughout their 4-day canoe trip in North Frontenac Park.

Age 15



Formerly known as Counsellor-in-Training, Leadership Development 2 (or LD2) builds off the technical skills learned in LD1 to focus on group-leading skills, exploring different styles of leadership, interpersonal skills and conflict resolution, and camper care.

Whether interested in being a camp counsellor or looking for personal growth, LD2s will have opportunities to build connections with campers and establish mentorship with staff to foster personal development. 

The program culminates in a 5-day canoe trip to Algonquin Provincial Park.

Age 16

Thanks to a Ontario Trillium Foundation Resilient Communities Grant, participatns in this progam will have a chance to take a Mental Health First Aid Course while at camp.

The Games


The RKY Games is a special 3-day camp-wide competition in 4th Session between the Lumbermen and Voyageurs. While all youth, senior, and leadership campers in Session 4 get to participate in The Games as part of their program, we also offer a unique one-week Games session. The Games Week is a high-energy session full of friendly rivalry and healthy competition. 

This one-week session does not include an overnight out-trip.

Ages 9 - 11

A Day at RKY Camp

7:00am Polar Bear Swim!
8:00 Flag-raising & breakfast
8:30 Cabin clean-Up – everybody does their share...
9:30 Area Selection #1
10:30 Area Selection #2
11:30 Free time – swimming, boating, archery, climbing, A&C...

12:30pm Lunch
1:30 Tuck & rest period
2:30 Cabin Group activity – planned by you!
3:30 Interest Group activity – choose your favourite!
4:30 Free time – swimming, boating, archery, climbing, A&C...

5:30 Dinner & invitations
7:00 Evening program with the whole camp!
8:45 Snack
9:00 Flag-lowering & TAPS
9:30 Youth Camp bedtime
10:00 Senior Camp bedtime

A Day at Camp

Camp Activities

RKY Camp programs offer a variety of skills-based and experiential learning opportunities. Our overnight campers are provided with a daily mix of personal choice activities, core programming areas, and camp-wide games.


All Youth and Senior Campers will be given the opportunity to choose two core activities to focus on over their time at RKY. Although all campers will experience all that RKY has to offer, allowing campers to choose their own challenge helps give them a sense of ownership and pride of their accomplishments.


 While learning about harnessing, ropes and climbing safety, participants are encouraged to climb our revamped 30 ft climbing wall, Vertical Playpen, Dangle-a-Maze and other low ropes elements. Our lead instructor is certified with a Level 1 ropes certification.

RKY Camp has 7 Program Spaces known as 'Areas'.


All Two-Week Campers get to select 2 areas to explore in-depth during our morning programming.  Our One-Week Campers get to try a little of everything at camp.

During 'Free Choice Time' these areas are open to all campers to come and enjoy as they please.


Benefitting from our beautiful site on Eagle Lake, the RKY nature program focuses on immersing campers in the natural world. Campers engage in an exciting program that uses the RKY hiking trails and wetlands.


RKY Camp’s incredible waterfront sets the stage for a great program. This area will focus on fun, safety and learning new skills. All campers are required to do a swim test with our qualified lifeguards on the first day of camp. Personal flotation devices are available.


Campers develop their outdoor living skills at Camp Craft.  Whether it's shooting arrows, building a shelter, cooking a snack over a fire they made or learning new knots—there is always something new and exciting in this area of camp!


This program is designed to help ignite a campers’ creative side; offering various crafts, games, and opportunities for campers to learn many new skills. Some activities include tie-dye, candle making, beading, bracelet making and various theatre games.


Learn introduction to music theory, intro to acoustic guitar, percussion, and various other topics. All campers have the option to showcase their skills in a camp performance.  RKY provides all necessary musical instruments. 

two kids paddling kayaks.JPG

Our boating program focuses on canoeing and kayaking skills. This program is designed to incorporate safety and on the water knowledge. While at boating, all campers are required to wear a PFD that fits and are always supervised by our lifeguard staff.

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