RKY Summer Camp

Information about RKY Camp's Summer Camp programs are listed below.
If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us for more details.

Youth Camp

1 Week - Ages: 7 - 11

RKY Camp provides a one week sleepover camp designed with first-time, young campers in mind. Under the supervision of specially selected staff, this experience focuses on helping campers to make new friends.  They will get to share fun, new, and interesting experiences while living with a group of cabin mates. Emphasis is placed on cabin togetherness and experiencing all that camp has to offer.

Youth Camp Games Week!

1 Week - Ages: 9 - 12

Come play the RKY Camp Games! Join us at RKY Camp as a Lumberman or Voyageur for a special week program where camp is transformed for a friendly rivalry. Enjoy all of the traditional RKY Camp programming that folks know and love with a special 3 days!  Come for your first time at RKY or return to RKY Camp again during this special week! L or V? Who will it be? Participants in this program will not go on an overnight or out trip experience.

Youth Camp

2 Weeks - Ages 8-12

Designed for young, energetic kids; campers get the full RKY Camp experience.  They travel through the core program areas we offer as well as choosing activities that interest them. All Youth Campers have the opportunity to experience an overnight canoe trip on beautiful Eagle Lake.

Senior Camp

2 Weeks - Ages 13 - 15

Our older campers enjoy all of the programs and instruction as the Youth Campers do. In addition, there are special Senior Camp programs aimed at teenagers. Senior Campers may also choose to take part in the RKY Blue Rag Program, which invites our oldest campers to challenge themselves personally and spiritually in order to help them grow. Our Senior Campers go off-site for a canoe trip that is three or four days in length.

Leaders in Training

2 Weeks - Ages: 15

This two-week program provides participants with an opportunity for personal growth and development. Both hard skill and soft skill development are at the core of the LIT program. Participants will be able to learn the fundamentals of communication, leadership, and prepare for future facilitation opportunities. With guidance from our Leadership Counsellors, LITs will have the opportunity to participate in a white water canoeing trip in Palmer Rapids and work towards their Ontario Recreational Canoe Certification. Participants of the LIT Program also earn 4 hours of time as a volunteer.

Counsellor in Training

1 Month - Ages: 16

Our CIT program is a one month program which focuses on the development of key leadership and teamwork qualities. These serve to help prepare participants for future endeavors. Under the supervision of their Leadership Counsellors, participants are able to practice their counselling skills through a number of cabin placements. Participants will also complete a 5 day canoe trip during their program. CIT participants have a responsibility to show strong role modeling and actively participate in the development of RKY Campers. CITs have the opportunity to achieve their Lifesaving Society Bronze Medallion or Bronze Cross during the duration of this program. In addition, 8 volunteer hours are earned by participants.

The Duke of Edinburgh Summer Gold & Silver Adventurous Journey

1 Week - Ages: 14+

Complete the adventurous journey portions of The Duke of Edinburgh award at RKY Camp. Participants will take part in a flat water canoeing trip in either North Frontenac or Frontenac Park. Participants will be able to complete their Preliminary Training,  Practice Journey and Qualifying Journey all in the same trip. Transportation is provided from Kingston only.

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