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 About the RKY Summer Album   Project 

  In 2019 Aaron Holmberg (RKY Alumni and Technical Director at the Isabel Bader Centre) approached RKY and offered to produce a benefit album for our the Campership Fund.  Four years, one pandemic, countless volunteer hours and a sold out concert later, he came through with a benefit album of epic proportions.  

 The RKY Summer Album is a mix of 18 cover songs.  In total 68 different musicians have volunteered their time and talent to produce the ultimate summer mix tape which will send deserving kids to camp.  

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Camprship Fund

 RKY Campership Fund 

  RKY Camp is a registered charity that is committed to providing Summer Camp and  outdoor experiences to all Children and Youth regardless of financial circumstances.  The Campership Fund is our way of insuring that this opportunity is available for deserving campers.  


 Thanks to our supportive donors, In 2023 1 of every 10 RKY campers received funding   through the RKY Campership Fund (Over $87,000 was dispersed).  The Campership Fund relies on donations from our supporters and projects like the RKY Summer Album to insure that these campers can grow up at RKY Camp. 


 Project Supporters 

 The RKY Camp Summer Album Project would not have been possible without the help of the project supporters. 

 Major Supporters

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 Corporate Sponsors 

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 Project Thank Yous 


 The RKY Camp Board Of Directors 

 D’Arcy Munn 

 Zane Whitfield & North Of Princess Studio 

 Meghan & June Holmberg 

 Noah Mintz 

 Dylan Lodge 

 Lucas Ruddell 

 Johnny Fay 

 Mark Audet 

 Michael Cassells 

 CP & Camp Kids; Olive and Violet 

 Nick Austin 

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