RKY Camp is a non-profit organization founded by the Rotary Club, Kiwanis Club, and the YMCA of Kingston. It is located on Eagle Lake just 45 minutes North of Kingston. RKY Camp provides value-based summer camping and outdoor education programming to participants from all backgrounds encouraging them to challenge themselves, practice cooperation, teamwork, and to grow in mind, body and spirit.

Each person who attends RKY Camp will grow to feel a sense of empowerment and community within a natural, safe, and wholesome environment.

RKY provides high quality programming and leadership opportunities through a wide range of appropriate activities while seeking to retain the rich, historical nature of the camp and its long term viability.

RKY Camp is committed to providing summer camp and outdoor experiences to all youth regardless of financial circumstances. In 2018, we assisted 68 individuals through various RKY Camp programs. Financial Assistance is available for all overnight summer programs and many year round outdoor centre programs.

Levels of assistance are based on need and differ depending on family circumstance. To apply for financial assistance please fill out a 2019 Financial Assistance form and a 2019 Camper Registration Form and submit them (email, fax or in person) Registration opens on December th, 2018.@ 7:00am

Please contact the RKY Camp office should you have additional questions.

All the of the instructions can be found on the 2019 application form.

Dear present and future RKY Camp Parents and Campers,
2018 was another great year @ RKY Camp! Our families rated us a 9.5/10 for overall satisfaction (#1 among YMCA affiliated camps nationally) with food, staff quality, facility conditions and physical/emotional safety rating the highest.

During our summer programs, RKY makes every effort to give campers the opportunity to make new friends, learn a variety of outdoor skills, and to practice teamwork and responsibility. At RKY Camp, we strive to ensure that every camper’s experience reflects the YMCA Quality Eight values. Our mandate is to provide a safe and caring environment, where children can develop self-confidence while having tons of fun!
Our staff team is trained in the principles of healthy child development, role modeling, experiential teaching, and the importance of being a friend. They are all qualified with Standard First Aid and CPR C and Lifeguarding certifications. As well, many have achieved qualifications in Canoeing Instruction, Wilderness First Aid, Advanced Swimming Instruction and much more. The wellness of all campers is very important to us. In case of an emergency many highly trained first aid individuals reside on site. In addition, all staff are trained in RKY Camp’s emergency procedures.
Our wonderful food service team provides us with three nutritious (and delicious) meals and a snack each day (with fruit available anytime), in accordance to the Canadian Food Guide. RKY added a salad bar to lunch and dinner in 2017, to rave reviews. We can accommodate a variety of dietary needs. To ensure safety and comfort of all campers and staff, RKY Camp is a nut and shell fish sensitive site.
We look forward to seeing you this summer!

Please join us for a tour and BBQ lunch on Sunday June 9th (1:00 pm – 4:00pm) for our annual open house at the camp.

D’Arcy Munn
Director – RKY Camp


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