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Jim and Maryln Stewart Outdoor Centre

RKY Camp has recently completed Phase II of a Revitalization project begun in 2017, with the commissioning of a new Dining Hall. The relocation of dining to the new 8,000 sq.ft. facility opened an opportunity to repurpose the camp's old dining hall, originally built in 1979 with the help of Brit Smith and Homestead Land Holdings of Kingston.

The generous support of long-time camp supporters, Jim and Marlyn Stewart, has permitted RKY to embark on the revitalization of this historic building in the heart of the camp. Through enhancements of the floor plan, interior and exterior structural improvements, the building will be revitalized into an Outdoor Education Centre for the camp, where it will continue to be the hub of the camp for staff, wilderness tripping and leadership programs throughout the year, and expand RKY’s future operating potential. Specific improvements include;

  • Extended building to accommodate a screened-in program/learning space

  • Separately ventilated accommodation and potential quarantine/medical space

  • Additional insulation for year-round programs

  • Out-tripping prep kitchen and equipment room

  • Enhanced facility HVAC system with separate fresh air supply for each room

  • Refurbished walls, siding and flooring

Please join the Stewart Family Fund in contributing to the updating of RKY Camp to ensure many more generations of campers to come can enjoy and flourish in our wonderful natural environment on Eagle Lake, in Ontario, Canada.

For more information on the rich history of the Stewart Family and RKY Camp, please follow this link


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